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Bottled Water Industry Exposed

Filed Under Category Health, Water by Annie Barbour

Have you ever drunk bottled water? If you’re like most Americans or Canadians, of course you have. Bottled water is a healthy alternative to soft drinks, and has been marketed in a way that suggests it’s also safer and more pure than tap water. As stated in the previous post, that’s simply not the case. Bottled water is less regulated, unsustainable, and expensive and consumes a great deal of precious natural resources. Thanks in part to truthful, informative media coverage like “The Story of Bottled Water,” the public’s positive attitude about the once beloved beverage has rapidly decreased. Watch this telling clip about the full life cycle of a one-time-use plastic water bottle, from production to consumption.

To recap, bottled water is wasteful and unnecessary, to say the least. It depletes the oil supply, requires more water to produce the bottle than goes into it, can contain illness-causing contaminants, and unless the plastic bottle is recycled pollutes the earth with each bottle consumed. An alternative exists, and it’s good for you, your wallet and the planet: use a refillable, reusable water bottle. If you’re not happy with the taste of your tap water, consider filtering your water for a pure, clean glass of water.

So, after knowing the facts, why would you buy and drink from the plastic bottle?