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Women and children using Hippo Water Rollers

The Hippo Water Roller Project

Hippo Roller LogoWhat is a Hippo Roller?

Hippo Roller is both a product and a charitable foundation. The product is an innovative solution aiding rural villagers with transporting potable water. The foundation is a not-for-profit (501c) organization that seeks innovative ways to fund the purchase and distribution of these rollers.

The ProblemThe Problem

Traditional methods of collecting water include carrying heavy 20 liter (5.3 gallon) buckets on the head. Over time these heavy loads place an enormous strain on the skeletal frame, causing long-term damage and premature aging.

The SolutionThe Solution

The Hippo Water Roller is able to carry 4 times more water than a bucket with significantly less effort. It improves the lives of individuals and families by saving time and energy as well as improving hygiene and the health of the entire community.

Stainless Steel BottleZuvo Water's Mission

As a manufacturer of premium water filtration and purification devices we also have a social mission of promoting cost-affordable and sustainable access to clean water worldwide. Zuvo Water is donating all profits from the sale of its line of stainless steel water bottles to Hippo Roller.

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To learn more visit their website at the Hippo Water Roller Project

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